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The enamel pans of Riess are popular far beyond the borders of Austria. They bring back memories of the old days. However, this nostalgic enamel pots are still made and used in today's modern kitchens.

The simple shapes, quality materials and beautiful colours appeal to people who love timeless quality and durability. An enamel pan will last a lifetime!

The Advantages

Enamel consists of natural materials and has many wonderful characteristics. Ten good reasons in favour of Riess Premium enamel:

  1. CO2-neutral
  2. For Induction and all types of cookers
  3. Extremely cut- and scratch-resistant
  4. Easy to clean and anti-bacterial
  5. Optimal for healthier and energy-saving cooking
  6. Odour neutral
  7. Heat-resistant till 450 °C - maximum recommended temperature at 220 °C
  8. Long-lasting if treated properly
  9. Available in many colours and designs
  10. Recyclable in scrap metal


Riess enamel pans are available in several shops and online stores. following (web)shops: The Tin Pans Riess are available in shops and online stores. Are you looking for a (web) shop nearby? Please take a look at the availability.


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