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food container with lid low white 23X15X7

food container with lid low white 23X15X7

SERVE+STORE food containers are sustainable kitchen basics for kitchen and refrigerator organization, stylish serving and more. Natural material, the best craftsmanship and multifunctional design: all this combines the SERVE+STORE food storage system, and with proper care, it can still be used in the next generation. The SERVE+STORE consists of a rectangular enamel container with an enamel lid and is multifunctional storage container system, executed in four variants: two sizes in two different container heights, in three colors: Classic White plus Sage Green and Blueberry Blue. The sustainable all-round storage containers are suitable for storing, serving and for use in the oven. Container and lid function together as well as separate. Vice versa, the lid and container can each serve or cover food. Turn the food container and it transforms to a butter and serving dish. The containers with lids are stackable and ideal for storing food in the kitchen and refrigerator. As the food containers are ovenproof, so baking/gratinating in the oven is possible. Moreover, food can be gently and easily reheated in the container, at low heat on the stove. The properties of enamel meet all the requirements for food storage AND use in the oven and stove. The surface of glass is smooth without pores and has an anti-bacterial effect. This means that food in enamel stays fresh longer and retains its natural flavor. Moreover, this makes cleaning very easy. The iron core conducts and holds heat perfectly when the storage containers are used as a baking dish, or cooked food is gently reheated on the stove at low heat. Uses: Cooked and uncooked food can be stored in the container or on the lid in the refrigerator and then immediately served and presented as a cheese board, butter dish, fruit container, baking dish and much more. For exploiting all the possibilities of SERVE+STORE and to be creative in use, it is possible to purchase not only storage containers with lids, but compl

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Length x width
23x15 cm / 9.1x5.9 inch

7 cm / 2.8 inch

enamel steel

€ 74,50

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