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The glass surface of enamel not only inhibits bacteria, but is also very easy to clean. Riess cookware is suitable for the dishwasher – on the gentle glass programme for best results. However, we recommend washing manually for a radiant shine that lasts into the next generation.

Manual cleaning
After cooking, and emptying fill the cookware with water whilst still warm. After just a short time, the softened food residues can be removed effortlessly. Extremely stuck on or burnt on food residues can be cleaned off by briefly boiling with water and washing up liquid, then cleaning with the smooth side of a cleaning sponge or soft brush.

Cleaning in the dishwasher
Remove food residues or burnt on food (see ‘Manual cleaning’) before placing in the dishwasher, then rinse with warm water. Use the gentle glass cleaning programme.

Cleaning aids and cleaning products
We recommend cleaning with scouring cream and soft sponges or soft brushes. Avoid using cleaning aids that are too hard, such as wire brushes, steel wool, scouring agents containing sand, and cleaning sponges with ceramic particles. These can scratch the surface. If the surface shows scratches due to using the wrong cleaning aids, this reduces the shine, but the cookware can still be used harmlessly. Black marks are often metal abrasion from stainless steel cutlery, which can be removed effortlessly with a mild scouring cream or our Riess enamel cleaner.

Correct storage
Store the enamel cookware – like glass – well dried. Marks caused by hard water can be removed effortlessly with vinegar water.

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