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The heat conduction of Riess enamel cookware is extremely fast. Please adhere to the following instructions, so that cookware and food does not overheat, whereby even heavy pot and pan bases can warp.

  1. Adhere to the instructions for use of the stove regarding the power output of the switching steps. Here are some guide values:
    - Boiling water at 100 °C = 500 Watts
    - Frying at 180 °C = approx. 1.700 Watts
  2. Never heat up empty cookware.
  3. Ensure that the diameter of the pot and hob match as far as possible.
  4. Always start with a small power output, and increase it to the desired power output step by step.
  5. NEVER use the boost function (exception large quantities of liquid from 6 litres).
  6. Constantly watch the cooking process. The automatic switch-off of the temperature sensors often does not react fast enough in the case of heating up too quickly.
  7. Do not touch the glass ceramic area of the cooking zone after cooking. It can be very hot due to the warmed pot base.
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